7 June '22

Introducing the new 18+ program

We are excited to have started a new program that provides holistic care for the youth that have aged out of our shelter.

25 May '22


The purpose of the program is to reduce barriers and support the youth to access work opportunities or further education, as they transition into adulthood.

18 January '22

Collaboration Samsung Electronics Hellas

Samsung Electronics Hellas generously provided 10 Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone devices which gave an opportunity to create an innovative approach to program delivery and a unique learning experience for our participants.

4 November '21

An open door

In 2021, refugee children and youth who arrive in Europe are forced to live on the streets, in public parks, and other precarious conditions in Greece. Our drop-in center offers a safe haven away from the harsh streets of Athens.

15 October '21

Why football?

Football is much more than a leisure activity to those who attend our weekly football sessions run by the Faros drop-in center. It is a place to come together, regardless of nationality, background, or legal status.