Our Partners

Current Partners

We are dependent on partners, who stand with us in our work. They are visible community leaders, foundations and advocates for Faros’ mission, co-convene events with us, and jointly develop programs and projects.

Velux Foundations is a philanthropic foundation, based in Denmark that supports the Horizon Center.
Asylum, Migration & Integration Fund 2014-2020 Action co-funded by the EU HOME/2020/AMIF/AG/EMAS/0132 MINISTRY OF MIGRATION AND ASYLUM
MIT D-Lab develops solutions to global poverty challenges. It's Faros' partner at Horizon Center's educational programs.
The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and pluralistic foundation that supports Faros' Horizon and Drop-in Center.
Otto per mille
SNF, one of the world's leading international philanthropic organizations, supported our Drop-in Center.
Latsis Foundation is a non-profit foundation that supported our shelter.
U.S. Embassy in Athens supports Faros' programs.
The European Programme for Integration and Migration is an initiative of 25 private foundations that supports Faros' Horizon and Drop-in Center.
International Aid Services is a Denmark based relief and development organization that supports Faros' programs
The Exarcheia Church supports Faros' programs since its establishment in 2014
The World Communion of Reformed Churches represents 100 million Christians worldwide. It supports Faros' Drop-in Center.
Bykirken supports Faros' programs.
Mariagerfjord Frikirke supports Faros' programs
Roskilde Baptistkirke supports Faros' programs

Past Donors

United Nations' Refugee Agency, UNHCR, supports Faros' Horizon Center and its educational programs.
The United Nations Children's Fund, a United Nations agency, supported Faros' Family Center.
Save The Children, an international NGO, supported our protection program at Elliniko Camp.
The International Rescue Committee, an international NGO, supported our Street Work program
Tearfund, an international Christian relief and development agency based in the UK, supported our Street Work program