7 June '22



We are excited to have started a new program that provides holistic care for the youth that have aged out of our shelter. Faced with the pressure of how to support the many unaccompanied refugee youths that are aging out of the system, Faros has created a new program for the boys required to leave government assisted living situations at the age of 18. Our new housing initiative for unaccompanied minors comes at a time of uncertainty for the many refugee youths that call the Faros shelter home. Turning 18 in Greece as a refugee doesn’t just mean becoming independent; it also comes with the responsibility of; finding a home, paying bills, finding employment, and/or finishing school.

The boys who live in the shelter have access to all the services Faros offers; social workers, lawyers, translators, psychological support, education, and the care and support from our care providers. The current government guidelines mean that all funding and access to these services can be removed once someone turns 18. Faros has responded efficiently to the urgent needs of providing quality accommodation and support solutions to those reaching adulthood. The Faros team supervises the program to create an environment that promotes self-reliance, community engagement, and local integration. In addition to safe housing that covers their basic needs and gradual independence, the boys will enroll in the Horizon Integration program that strives to equip and enable refugee youth to “stand on their feet” and build a promising future.

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