25 May '22

Faros new integration program


We are excited to announce we have launched our integration program with the first 14 youth who recently graduated from the Horizon Center program.

The Horizon Integration Program strives to better prepare and enable the refugee youth to “stand on their feet” and build a promising future here in Greece. Many refugee youth and unaccompanied minors are highly resourceful and resilient, but as they become adults they face substantial challenges accessing further education and opportunities in the labor market. The purpose of the program is to reduce barriers and support the youth to access work opportunities or further education, as they transition into adulthood.

Due to the challenges experienced by refugees, either in their home country or in transit to Greece, cultural adjustment can present many challenges - especially as many suffer from various degrees of trauma. Throughout their time in the Horizon Program, participants’ individual psychosocial needs are supported through initiatives such as Faros’ Holistic action plans and life skills classes. The classes and workshops include lessons on key categories such as:

● Job readiness

● Soft skills development

● Social integration

● Life skills on transitioning into adulthood

Through this program, we wish to unlock their potential, help them discover their purpose, find acceptance and make a positive impact on society. The program seeks to highlight and teach skills that will equip refugee youth for relevancy in the rapidly evolving labor market, keeping them from the margins and giving them a fighting chance for another kind of future.

Forging strong partnerships with local and national organizations and creating networks with a wide range of employers from different industries is the main priority of the program. Faros is seeking collaboration with employers who will be offering fair employment opportunities to graduates of the Horizon program. Faros will continue to map-out opportunities and initiate contact with companies that share the same values and goals. We believe that together with employers we can make refugee youth integration a reality.

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