18 January '22

New collaboration with Samsung Electronics Hellas


As part of the Horizon program, an exciting opportunity presented itself to trial a new approach to online and physical education thanks to our new collaboration with Samsung Electronics Hellas.

Samsung Electronics Hellas generously provided 10 Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone devices which gave an opportunity to create an innovative approach to program delivery and a unique learning experience for our participants. Wherever the workshop is being held, participants can now be linked to instructors in different geographical locations and see (in real-time) their designs be produced. The Samsung Galaxy A22s enable all students to have a consistent opportunity at class-participation and a consistent learning experience.

Together with our partners at MIT (D-Lab) we continue to improve our ‘Toolbox’ program to address some of the constraints that the COVID-19 pandemic created for us. These workshops provide an excellent opportunity for refugee youth to be exposed to new ideas, new technologies and hopefully form the starting point for a brighter future.

We are excited to see what else this collaboration can do for unaccompanied and refugee youth in Greece.

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