14 December '20

'An Abundance of Unleashed Potential': A new study on refugee labor market integration in Greece


Asylum seekers and refugees in Greece have full access to the labor market but they need help to overcome systemic barriers in the Greek administrative system. They usually work in low-wage occupations in hospitality and tourism, sales and services, or as handicraftsmen and technicians. Entering employment is difficult due to the recent economic crisis, but also due to lack of access to formal education and training-on-the-job. Refugees are drawn to informal work for several reasons, where they remain excluded from labor rights and integration into society. Employers see several barriers to the employment of refugees. Language is the most important one. Refugees are similarly recognizing barriers, but are able to retain their goals and awareness of their talents nevertheless.

“An Abundance of Unleashed Potential” draws on the experience of multiple stakeholders in Greece and provides essential insights into the missed opportunities and the potential of refugee youth. It is our hope that this report will open the important conversation around the difficulties third-country nationals and refugees face when they try to access the Greek labor market. Most importantly, we would like to empower our partners and other NGOs to help their beneficiaries not only gain employment but also to find purpose and acceptance and to make a positive impact in their host society.

You can preview and download the study here: An Abundance of Unleashed Potential

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